A New Year, A New Look

Another year in the books and TwentyGayTeen delivered.

Hello to 2019!

While 2018 (aka TwentyGayTeen) brought some amazing gayness to the world, like Ellen Page getting married, Janelle Monae’s music, everything by lesbian Jesus Hayley Kiyoko, and shows like Pose, it was also a banner year for gay commercials.

2018 matched and then surpassed the best year we’ve had (2016) giving us almost a dozen new commercials! And best of all? Very few were bad and none were exploitative.

Best Commercial

This had some tough competition, but in the end I have to give it to Las Vegas’s “Now and Then” commercial. The number one reason? They aired it all over the place. It was hard to go a week without seeing it!

There were multiple versions of the commercial, but this much remained true: she said “I do.”

Second place goes to Pantene’s Kevin Balot’s commercial, where we’re reminded how beautiful we all are.

Worst Commercial

Weirdly I wouldn’t have picked this at first. You see, Best Buy made a solid run with their Mom shopping for her wife for Christmas. Sounds great, right? Well the problem is they also aired a version that omitted her homosexuality. And that version was seen more.

This is the good version, but I was pretty salty about the hacked one.

There’s no real second place here, as this year there were no lezploitative commercials added!

Check out all the 2018 commercials and pick your favourite.

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