Mic: How Food Commercials Make Us Gayer

Food brings us all together.

On Feb. 2, 2014, Super Bowl viewers witnessed something they’d never seen during the production before: a same-sex couple as parents in a commercial. More specifically, a food commercial. Coca-Cola, whose primary goal is to sell sugary soda products, aired its original one-minute “It’s Beautiful” spot during the 48th Super Bowl, in light of the pending anti-LGBTQ Sochi Olympics.

This ode to America’s diversity, which shows quick vignettes of Americans of all backgrounds to a soundtrack of “America the Beautiful” sung in multiple languages, includes two dads dancing and clumsily roller skating with their young daughter.

Source:  Mic

Its no surprise to me, since the inspiration for this site was seeing the Campbells’ Soul ad. Food is something we all need. Of course it’s a perfect vehicle to share that we are, in the end, all the same.

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