And So It Begins

Welcome to 2017, where the very few commercials that include lesbians are listed on this site.

Very few.

While the Campbells’ Soup & Salad commercial has gotten a lot of airtime on Food Network, it’s one of the few commercials that involve queer women. There were only thirteen easily findable.

Googling for lesbian or queer female commercials came up with far fewer than I thought would exist. I was really happy to see the NatWest commercial, talking about how Debit Cards are for everyone, including the poly crowd, but beside that and the really awesome Secret commercial, they’re all about lesbians.

I’m sure I’ve got to be missing a lot, especially in non-English speaking countries, and I’m on the fence for some commercials. Like the car commercial banned in Italy? It involves a woman seducing another in order to get her car. In the end I went with including it, but tagging it for Lezplotation as it clearly being done for titillation.

Still. Things are just getting started here.

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  1. awww, I was super excited about the debit card commercial but it turns out to be twin sisters and not a proud poly gal. Well at least it had queer representation.

    Maybe someday we’ll have true nonmonogamous representation.

    I am loving the campbell’s soup commercials! I saw the ‘soup and salad’ one on prime time basic cable today (in the southeastern US) and cheered internally.

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