LezWatch.Commercials is an inclusive database of all queer female relevant commercials found on TV.

While fewer people watch commercials in our Netflix driven days, we’ve managed to find 67 commercials featuring queer women.

Representation Matters

Seeing yourself on television matters. When all you see, day in and day out, are people who aren’t like you, it hurts. It makes you feel like you’re worth less than everyone else. When all you see is the exploitation of who you are, it makes you feel worse. But seeing a commercial where you see yourself? That makes all the difference. It reminds you that you are just as normal as everyone else.

Our Story

While we we watching TV for LezWatch.TV, we realized how few queer female commercials there were. Naturally, our spreadsheet quickly turned into a website. While the list of commercials is far fewer than the list of shows, there’s still something to be viewed here.